Target audience

This document is appropriate for telecommunication operators, network carriers that are targeting the business-to-business channel, offering a set of voice and data services to corporate customers in their respective markets.

The challenges

A Sales Force Automation (SFA) system is a business application that helps mobile workers perform their daily routines, such as order taking, merchandizing procedures, money collections, sales rep expenses, route management and other CRM information. It consists of a cloud server application that is integrated securely to your customers’ ERP systems, and an application is installed in each mobile device to be given to the mobile workers.

Worldwide, the trend by the network carriers is to provide a set of services on top of data and voice. Antivirus solutions, Fleet Management and SFA systems are the mainly three pillars to extending the business of networks operators. These products are effectively provided through 12-month contracts and monthly subscriptions that include both the use of the service and the GPRS/3G service.

Our offering

Regate provides an offering to tackle both above-mentioned challenges at once, through the Regate Effective Sales Force Automation Suite (www.Regate-Effective.com). Providing SFA as a service through your network will provide you a number of advantages:

  • • It will help you differentiate in your market, and be the first to deploy such a solution. It will give you a clear advantage and help you improve your sales quickly.
  • • It will help you access clients that are traditionally affiliated to your competition for data and voice. Providing these clients with a SIM that includes the cloud SFA application and the data to work with it, is actually a back-door to this client mainly because your competition does not offer this product.
  • • It will help your client retention. Due to the nature of the SFA system, it needs to be integrated with your customer’s ERP and their mobile users (i.e. sales people) need to be trained. This requires some resources to be provided by your customer, and past experience has shown that these customers are reluctant to change to another SFA system when their contract ends, or when your competition presents such a product.

REGATE is capable of providing all the above-mentioned advantages through its product named Regate Effective, and supporting you in your markets by rapidly deploying this solution to every client you indicate us. The business model we propose is the following:

  • • Create a private label SFA product with the modules you prefer on your private cloud or on our cloud infrastructure.
  • • Discuss a revenue-share model based on the subscriptions per mobile user, in order to manage this service and support your clients
  • • Setup teams in your market, for helping your customers with installing, deploying your SFA product, train them on the use of the system and provide support directly to them.

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